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Puzhehei Entertainment

Wenshan city is a multi-cultural city with many ethnic minority groups, including the Zhuang, the Miao, the Yi, the Buyi, the Hui, the Yao, and the Bai. They live together harmoniously and retain their cultural legacy and life practices. Varied eating habits, ceremonies, costumes, folk legends and festivals such as the Sanyuesan Festival of the Zhuang people, the Caihuashan Festival of the Miao people, the Panwang Festival of Yao people, and the Torch Festival of the Bai people, make Wenshan a colorful prefecture.

Accommodation: There are four hotels and countless hostels in the Immortal Cave Village.

Dihao KTV 迪豪KTV 

Address:No,89 on  Puzhehei street of Qiubei county in Wenshan.文山壮族苗族自治州丘北县普者黑大街89附近


Jisledi Miadong KTV嘉乐迪麦东KTV

Address:No,81  Puzhehei Street 普者黑大街81

Tel :087646634

Datang Entertainment club大唐盛世娱乐会所

Address: Puzhehei street of Qiubei county in Wenshan.文山壮族苗族自治州丘北县普者黑大街


Fa Laixi 法莱西 

AddressPuzhehei street of Qiubei county in Wenshan.


Lanshanlian Coffee bar 蓝山恋咖啡休闲吧

Address:No,249 Puzhehei street of Qiubei county in Wenshan.文山壮族苗族自治州丘北县普者黑大街249号


Puzhehei  Laixun  Inn 普者黑客来轩客栈

Address:Sancha Road in Guanying Cave in Puzhehei  science spot. 普者黑观音洞三岔路口

About  2.12Km from Chenji  restaurants in Puzhehei science spot.



By boat in Lake 乘船游湖

Admission Fee: CNY 200 (including the entrance fee for the scenic spot and the boat ticket)

Boat trip on the lake is one of thelocal tourism projects in Puzhehei science spot. Not only can enjoy the magnificent landscape and the pond ,but also can water fight with the besde boats.


Yi People  Dancing & singing performance彝族歌舞表演 

If you are enough lucky, you can enjoy the Yi People Dancing and singing performance.

Tel: 0876-4610006

Opening Hours: 7:30-17:30
Ticket: CNY 200 (including admission fee and boat fee).


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