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  1. Zhengying Village in Shiping County,Honghe

Zhengying Village, located beside the Cirui Lake in 10 kilometers west of the Bao Xiu Town in Shiping County, Honghe State,Yunnan Province, has a picturesque scenery with a over 600 year history in the construction of the village. This is an “uncut jade and unrefined gold”, where the ancient buildings, temples, schools, geographical environment and natural landscape are magnificent. On January 19, 1999, Zhengying Village in Shiping County was named as provincial historical and cultural village by Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and Yunnan Provincial government, and then it was named as national historical and cultural village in 2009, which has become a bright pearl beside the Cirui Lake.

Zhengying Village in Shiping County,Honghe

Zhengying Village was formerly known as Pusheng Village during the Ming dynasty, a village inhabited by the Dai nationality. In the early Ming Dynasty, the Ming army entered Pusheng village from Mengzi, Honghe State in Yunnan province, and then the Dai nationality were forced to move to yuanjiang and Xishuangbanna. The Han nationality with Zheng as their family name renamed the village as Zhengying village. The west of the village was a gurry and the east was a large brook, which were all the villages inhabited by the Yi nationality.


The engineering structures of residential housing in Zhengying village were mainly quadrangle dwellings, and the village had 190 houses, all of which were oriented north. The Residential housing construction was quite distinctive, one of the relatively famous ancient buildings were Chen Ancestral Hall, Zheng Ancestral Hall in Honghe State, Wu Ancestral Hall, Chen residential, Zheng residential Wu residential, Simadi, Zheng elementary schools and so on. Chen Ancestral Hall was built in 1925 with coverage of 2577 square meters, which was the most spectacular in Shiping Zheng camp in ancient architectures. The door of ancestral temple was the memorial arch style and masonry structure. In the Zhengying Ancestral Hall of Shiping, the celebrities such as Chen Rongchang, governors in Jilin and Anhui province, Zhu Jiabao, Governor Tang Jiyao and the inscription and couplets of Yunnan Finance Minister Chen Heting were placed. Entering the door of ancestral temple, they were successively the stone bridge, lotus pool, nave, and main hall. The symmetrical side hall and pavilion on both sides of the front of the nave and the main hall were built. In front of the ancestral temple, there was each pair of stone pavilions and stone lions. There was a stone bridge in the Zhengying Temple, on which there was breast board column. Then there were12 stoned zodiac animals on the stigma, which were all elaborately carved and life-like. The carved beams and painted rafters - a richly ornamented building were on the nave and the main hall, of which the flowers, insects, birds and beasts were visible before the eyes.

Zhengying Village in Shiping County,Honghe


Chen residential housing also has its own characteristics, which is a representative ancient building among the Zhengying residential houses. Chen residential housing is the most famous for Chen Yuexing dwelling, Chen Meizhi dwelling and Chen Zaidong dwelling. The housing characteristics are all wood and stone structure, quadrangle dwellings with turret floor-style and face north. It has peculiar architectural style with combination of Chinese and Western style. Simadi was built during the beginning of the Ming Dynasty as the original buildings have been destroyed by fire. Now it is the dwelling that is constructed during the Republic of China, which is a building of engineering structure. The adobe walls in Zhengying village in Shiping were small quadrangle dwellings with three four-side buildings. The horizontal type of wood plaque “Simadi” hanging on the door is a plaque to commemorate their ancestors by their springs. Zhengying Primary School in Shiping, Honghe State in Yunnan Province is located in the northwest of the village and faces north. It is a quadrangle dwelling that covers an area of 1852.83 square meters. It was founded in 1912, the plaque “guidance in education” was inscribed in front of the school gate. This campus was a classical garden architecture and advocated to establish by Mr. Chen Heting.



Changchun Pavilion and Yuhuang Pavilion in Zhengying village, Shiping county, Honghe state were founded in 1929, covering an area of 512.2 square meters, 1,500 meters from Zhengying village, located in Yun Mountain mountainside cliff in Zhengying village. Changchun Pavilion and Yuhuang Pavilion were wood and stone structure with distinctive architectural style. There was a plaque of “round mirror hanging” handwritten by Tu Zhuo in the early Qing Dynasty and carved by Chen Heting in 1919. Next to the plaque there was a couplet of “birds fly highly and freely in the sky, hermits in the deep wood make beautiful dreams” carved by Chinese toon. There was joss in Changchun Pavilion and Yuhuang Pavilion, in which the coiling incense smoked, and tourists were in an endless stream. The intact structure of building has become a beautiful scenery line of Zhengying village, Shiping, Honghe state, Yunnan province.

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