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  1. Qingyun Bridge of Pijiang River in Yunlong County,Dali

Qingyun bridge near Yunlong.The Qingyun chain bridge across the Pi river just outside Yunlong as seen in May 2012.
The Pi River, also known as the Bijiang (沘 江) is a tributary river to the Lancangjiang (Mekong) and is located northwest of Dali in western Yunnan.The river is crossed by a multitude of ancient bridges of which some are lovingly maintained while others get more and more neglected. Tiny Adventures Tours makes a tour visiting the valley and these bridges.

Qingyun Bridge.
Pavilions form the bridge heads of the Qingyun bridge. The West one contains a small altar.

Qingyun bridge from above.Pavilions form the bridge heads of the Qingyun Bridge. The west one contains a small altar.empty spacer.The chains of the broken bridge.The nearly 200 year old iron chains of the bridge are pulled out of the water.

Qingyun Bridge

The Qingyun Bridge is located just outside Yunlong and was ones one of the most important bridges spanning the Pi River.

This iron chain bridge with a span of 36 metres was constructed during the Qing Dynasty in 1824.

The original bridge was financed by a personal contribution of the governor of Shiaanxi. It formed an important link in the salt trade.

Qingyun bridge 2008-01.The Qingyun bridge as seen in January 2008.

empty spacer.

It is a pity that these old bridges on the Pi River are hardly cared for. The Quingyun Bridge slowly gets absorbed by waste dumped around it and is hardly accessible anymore.

Qingyun Bridge in November 2012.Signs warning that the bridge has been washed away. (Photo: October 2012)empty spacer.

In 2012 the bridge got washed away by a flash flood. The sign (See picture above) states that the bridge will be rebuilt but they could start with stopping the dumping of waste near the bridge. Building waste dumped in and near the river might have contributed to the destruction of the bridge.

Soon the bridge might only exist on pictures.Pictures of the Qingyun Bridge before and after the flood wave. (Photo: October 2012).

Statue at the Qingyun Bridge.Statue of Bodhisattva Guanyin the guardian deity inside her pavilion.

New Qingyun Bridge

The Qingyun Bridge did got rebuild in 2013. The old chains were used again and the roof was rebuild over the eastern bridgehead.

The guardian goddess Bodhisattva Guanyin got a makeover of fresh paint and new clothes for the child in her lap, hopefully this will protect the bridge better. The dumping of building waste around the bridge has however not stopped so the same disaster is likely to happen again.

Qingyun bridge.The Qingyun bridge was rebuild. Even the roof is back on the eastern bridgehead. The dumping of construction waste has however not stopped so the same accident is likely to happen again.

Qingyun Bridge.With a new roof and a fresh coat of paint the Qingyun Bridge nearly blends in with the new developments of Yunlong town. (Photo: January 2014).

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