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Dai Ethnic Flavor Lemon Chicken

Classic “a chicken to eat two” —- nourishing ginseng chicken soup —- appetizer Dai flavor lemon chicken.

Materials: Wuji a 500 g, a ginseng, jujube 5, 4 millet pepper, garlic, 5, 3 lime, sugar 15 grams, 3 grams of salt, coriander 10 root, fish sauce 15ml.


1, black-washed into the casserole, add cold water over the chicken did about 3 cm, with the fire to boil the soup, carefully playing the froth surface clean, then replaced by a small fire, into the ginseng, jujube, cover and slowly simmer for about 40 minutes. Gently insert the meat with chopsticks, can easily lift the can, according to taste the soup before adding the right amount of salt, is a bowl of delicious, nutritious chicken soup a;

2, remove the chicken, let cool torn chicken, minced garlic pressed into standby;

3, add chopped chicken in millet pepper, garlic, squeeze lime juice, add sugar, fish sauce, mix well;

4, the end of the last add chopped parsley, add the right amount of salt according to taste.


Dish is typical of a dish to eat two Kazakhstan, many families are like soup, but the soup is always to destroy the meat is very slow, which solves the problem of the remaining chicken;

Wuji itself is very nourishing herbs can not put too much, too complex, so as not to play side-effects. A little touch of herbs to flavor, Wuji, jujube can be blood, in addition to suitable winter drink this soup, but also especially for girls;

Wuji not to use too much, when the soup must be a place full of water, half try not to add, if you do not like the medicine, you can also put some mushrooms, bamboo shoots and other vegetables, the taste is also very good;

Wuji easier cooked, so this soup does not need to burn long time, relatively simple and convenient. Any part of the chicken are suitable for the back of this dish, refreshing fragrance, very tasty;

Lime in larger supermarkets can buy, there is no can also be used instead of lemon yellow, lime, but not as good as it tastes fresh, natural, yellow lemon head is relatively large, the dosage should be appropriately reduced, but the taste is not so acid, the amount of sugar can reduce some;

In Dai dish, lemon chicken is a very famous dish, almost every hotel will do. Hot and sour tastes very suitable for spring and summer to eat, instead of vinegar with lemon sour, not only the color of food is more natural and beautiful dishes in more than a fragrance, this approach is recommended;

Millet pepper if you omit the Dai flavor will not be considered authentic. Dai made this dish is millet pepper, garlic mashed, mixed with chicken and then the next, but this more concentrated flavor, especially the spicy, many of my friends could eat. So, a little pepper cut into small millet can be, do not take more, pick out the front entrance is also not so spicy;

This dish parsley, Yunnan is done with a large local coriander. Large leaves and spinach leaves such as parsley, as well as glitches, but the taste and parsley, as more than a hint of fragrance and sweet, very difficult to buy in large northern coriander, parsley instead of using the same general;

Sauce is commonly used in Southeast Asia seasonings, cold dishes, cooking will be used, you can replace the salt, more rarely, a certain salty. In particular dish is often used, there is little mention of the role of good, but we should add salt to taste. May be omitted if not used, add some white pepper and chicken can also enhance the flavor.

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