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Cangyuan Entertainment

The Wa ethnic minority is the largest minority group in Lincang and two thirds of the total Wa population of Yunnan live here. Wa villages and their handmade gifts and other crafts are attractive parts of a trip here.



A Washan Hotels阿佤山大酒店

Address:Guangchang Road on Cangyuang County.

Tel :0883-7122888



Dihao Bar帝豪酒吧

Address::Cangyuan  Countyin  Lincang .



Wa  Wanfu Teahouse佤王府茶楼

Address:No,162 Guangchang Road on Cangyuang County.



Wa is an age-old and mysterious minority with strong people. And the people there have worked hard for more than 3000 years and have created its unique glorious culture. Come Cangyuan you can join the ethnic festivals,such as Monihei Carnival of the Wa Ethnic Group (摸你黑狂欢节),Hair-swaying Dance(甩发舞),buffalo-butchering ceremony(剽牛) enjoy the unique folk custom of Wa people ,also learn the Wa culture- Cangyuan cliff painting.



Monihei Carnival of the Wa Ethnic Group (摸你黑狂欢节)

There are some ethnic festivals in Cangyuan  ,Monihei Carnival of the Wa Ethnic Group in Cangyuan County is the most popular one in Lincang.Wa minority's "Monihei Carnival" ("Monihei" in Chinese means "making you black by smearing something on your body".) in Sigangli Village (司岗里)will be ceremoniously held in Wa Autonomous County-Cangyuan from May 2nd and May 3rd. The activities of the Carnival mainly involve a grand opening ceremony of song and dance performance -- "heavy colored Wa Mountain ", ethnic arts tour to be joined by the audience and tourists, a crazy and passionate "making you black" activity with tens of thousand of persons’ participation, ancient cliff painting worship, songs about life in Wa Mountain, Campfire party, Wa songs concert and This Carnival will last for several days which is full of surprise and expectation.

Wa is an age-old and mysterious minority with strong people. And the people there have worked hard for more than 3000 years and have created its unique glorious culture. As one of the only two Chinese Wa autonomous Counties, Cangyuan County has 3000 year-old cliff painting, Nan’gunhe Nature Reserve, highly-protected original ecologies and abundant animal and plant resources.

 It is said this festival takes its meaning from the custom that the people smear the pot ash, ox blood and mud on other persons' face to frighten the evils and seek peace. The players can use natural paints to smear each other and pray for each other. As a traditional custom of the minorities in China, "Monihei Carnival" has attracted a lot of tourists both from home and abroad.

 Until now, "Monihei Carnival" has been held for 5 times, whose echo is quite well, thus be listed in top 10 national festivals in Yunnan, which are the most amazing and influential festivals in Yunnan. Join us and enjoy youself. You will never forget the experience in Cangyuan.


Hair-swaying Dance(甩发舞)

 A show of Wa feminine beauty The Hair-swaying Dance reveals the Wa female beauty and symbolizes their maturity. Wa women traditionally keep long hair, and put on Hair-swaying Dance hand in hand without musical instruments. Come Cangyuan Hair-swaying Dance(甩发舞)is indispensable  activities .


Buffalo-butchering ceremony(剽牛节

Replacement of Head Custom In old times,Was used to have the head custom, using the heads of men to make sacrifice to the God of Rice. But it has been replaced by buffalo heads that are also a symbol of wealth. On an important ceremony will hold a buffalo-butchering ceremony.




Cangyuan cliff painting(沧源崖画)

Cangyuan cliff painting is one of the oldest so far discovered . 1965 , 1978 and 1981 have been found Yahua (崖画)11 locations , mainly in the province cangyuan county Meng , meng to two townships, something about the cloth in the range of 20 kilometers . According to the determination , cliff painting produced in three thousand years ago, the late Neolithic period ,these cliff painting has been listed as key cultural relics in Yunnan province .


cangyuan ancient Chinese minorities petroglyphs . Wa autonomous county of Yunnan province, located in the province of Meng , man pa , ding years, Wu liang and other 10 over 2000 meters above sea level on a cliff about 3,000 years ago . With your fingers or feathers dipped in red paint to wipe plotted, animal blood pigment may be made to reconcile hematites.  Yahua  mainly scenes hunting, gathering and other production activities and entertainment of god and other religious activities. There are wars triumph map,painted dry-column on housing construction and hand-held weapons , driving people deserved victory swine and sheep painted rough quaint , southern research is an important ancient ethnic history.


 Content of the rock paintings are one of the oldest cliff painting found in our country at present , resulting in 3,000 years, the rock paintingslate Neolithic ago. 11 locations have been found cliff painting , distributed to rural Yunnan province Meng cangyuan county , ding to the township , full canton township, hepling township and mount light township Gengma county and other places, the generally cliff at an altitude of 1500 meters of gray limestone cliff on the drawing painted in red ocher , the local Wa called " dye code farm ", which means painted rock yahua around the point of the picture from the high ground about 2 to 10 meters , painting an area of 1 to 30 m long , ranging frame into several smaller ones scattered graphic composition , and the larger the number of images to hundreds of animals 187 , houses 25 , road 13 , a variety of ideographic symbols 35 ; still trees, boats sun , clouds, mountains , land and other images, graphic depiction of the characters are shouzheng hundred lawyers in monochrome and single- plus ping tu le , save facial features and other details drawn silhouette style tactics , are engaged in various activities through a great variety of limbs performance figures . These images have a certain multi- center content , including hunting , herding , dance, go home , entertainment and other content, real and vivid record of the ancestors of the production of various scenes of life. 


cangyuan vary with duration of sunshine , weather confront , wet and dry heating and other factors constantly changing color, local Wa and Dai people say it is " day three variants , early afternoon, light red late purple "

The first yahua point : the scope of the largest and most graphic , " headhunting "" cow hunting " breathtaking .

The first yahua point is located 20 kilometers north county Meng cangyuan to villagers at good xiazhai here yahua points cangyuan

cloth largest and the most graphic . Mengdong (勐董)valley northward along both sides of vast mountains , the forest of coverage, a bay silk mountains flying along the winding mountain road , came along the mountain 's plateau, poke shortage ancient vine rattan, moss stitch marks through the rain , hidden in the green ocean cliff , in front of people . The face of the cliff hidden when scarlet graphics, breathtaking power surge , deeply shocked people's hearts.This side of the cliff , the surface is more smooth , upper part of the building rock , cliff face painted with figures and animals. overall, painting figures , animals are not drawn detail, painted only its outline , and stressed that a rich feature organ, highlighting the horns of cattle , monkeys prominent chin ; deer significant figures bifurcation angle ...... facial features are not drawn, only the head , neck, torso and limbs, trunk will be inverted triangle . Some people see at a glance are male, because highlighting the genitals ; some women are prominent breasts or pregnant .

In the first yahua point , up to the performance of the content is hunting . naughty monkeys on a "v" -shaped rattan jumping up and down , some people armed with horns , some people bow and arrow , and some people perform sticks and beast stroke play . On the rugged mountain curves , there are three long-tailed animals walking two hunter ambush on both sides , showing lateral , cited bows . there are also reflected in the nature of the original self-entertainment dance , on behalf of the ground on a horizontal line, standing six people , three people in a group , there is a certain distance between the two groups , six people will be exalted his left arm , right arm drooping, leans to the right , legs apart , the action is very neat. in addition, there reflects the original religious content of " head-hunting dance " and " cow hunting dance ."

Second yahua point : interesting content , graphic special to celebrate triumph, special characters.

Mengdong(勐董) valley northward along hading can come township, here is the second number yahua points. One piece is very interesting village map , it drew an oblong representative range of villages , which has 14 dry-column houses outside the village there is one. drew a few lines outside the village , probably represents the winding road , there are many people on the road , or driving swine and sheep and other animals, or shoulder thing , gathered from all over the village . There is a small house- Zhaiwai , the highest tree, play the role of caretaker and outlook . Some analysts , this may be the first war , the people and go with a trophy triumph. There are two particularly striking figure , a man the spiral pattern over the body , not the underwear , showing their tattoos ; beside the man's chest also has a geometric pattern .

scenic natural scenery , forests and verdant, lush vegetation, rock everywhere, gurgling streams , rich ancient folk sentiments history culture and unique customs of ethnic minorities has attracted many domestic and foreign tourists , is highly ornamental and entertaining tourist attractions.


summarizes the rock paintings of reason analysis is by no means a single creative motivation , various genres may have different creative purposes, but to sum up, no more than two terms , one is religious, one is the original memos.

First: alog witchcraft and religion -related products. People believe in the people around to catch the cliff paintings,stabbed in the image you want to hunt animals , will make future hunting success. Man fell to the ground on the cliff paintings , will make future wars enemy is really dead.

Second, pray for fertility rituals legacy . On the cliff paintings pull cattle bovine or human , is to mountain natural breeding herd very well , you can pull back en masse for ritual purposes ; painting images of wild animals is to hunt have won ; draw crowds dancing humanoid in the hope that agricultural harvest, could be held a grand banquet , guests at his door , come merry . The original clan refers not only to pray for bumper production development , including their reproduction. Cangyuan outstanding performance in the sexual organs of men and women , as well as dense crowd , or have such significance.

Third, worship gods portrait polytheistic beliefs of primitive peoples that whenever natural phenomena ( earth , celestial , mountains, fire, water ) and even some animals have a living god , objects are considered to have the gods can bless people can Yi curse to others in order to turn a curse for the blessing , we must continue to worship , ritual and worship. Rock paintings ,the trees , plants, caves and some bizarre humanoid (with " treasure " who was tall distinctive ...... ) and animal significant position , they should be at that time for worship and painting.

Fourth, an important ritual depicted after some peoples hold a solemn religious ceremony , but also the process of drawing down. This is not the posters, mainly to the sight of god, and the rock paintings in some fancy dancing humanoid ( such as head feathers were inserted , wearing feathers were ) and some pull cattle and other images that live the religious activities.

1)    Significant events recorded memos nature. the most obvious place is the second village map , where the outlook is entirely reflected in people's real life , and no other picture that mysterious supernatural religious atmosphere .

2)Myths and legends of the records, some people like the rock paintings inhuman image ( " sun people " " fish man " ) , or the right time to spread the myth or mythological figures depicted . In short, when people on the cliff painting sustenance of life expectations and enthusiasm. Today, local ethnic groups are considered immortal lived behind the cliff .Fairy came out ,people will be able to see on the precipice of their image; fairy back " rest " on the precipice of sight ( and indeed cliff painting or hidden or due to light shade ),fairy can bless people , so every new year, the people going to the nearby village worship ; also in case of illness and lost property , but also to seek immortal " help ." the first investigation , they saw a woman lost four yuan wa , fairy guidelines seek to find ways here .

 3)In addition, in the second place , the small cliff behind the legend to Wa possession of treasures , cliff painting is a " treasure " apparitions due. Ding village Wa had to dig in the area, because there is no income after discontinued . Since the roots of the second place there is a hole in the cliff,which was excavated ruins. cangyuan vary with duration of sunshine , weather confront , wet and dry heating and other factors constantly changing color, local Wa and Dai people say it is "day three variants , early afternoon, light red , late change purple . " for the second batch of provincial key cultural relics protection units.

4) Now listed as the fifth national key cultural relics protection units.

The rock paintings are multi-ethnic study of primitive life in Yunnan valuable information . From the cliff painting is divided into characters, objects , houses, animals and mythological figures , nature, symbol , fingerprints seven categories. rich in content, images varied and involve all aspects of primitive social life, style is very vivid, can be described as an encyclopedia of all ethnic groups in Yunnan primitive society, today's cultural and artistic creation also has important reference and enlightenment .




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