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Yunnan Tour Feedbacks
Fengqing Entertainment

1As for nightlife activities, Fengqing does not differ a lot from other cities in China. Bars, KTV, disco and other clubs can easily be found around the city. Taihe Night Market gathers a lots of bars and clubs for people to enjoy their night in Fengqing. In the south  of the Fengwu Road has a "bar street", you can enjoy your time here.

Bars and Clubs

LOVE Ba Shiyi(八十伊 )

AddressSouth of Fengwu Road of Fengqing


Tongfu Bar(同福酒)

AddressNorth of Fengwu Road of Fengqing


Taihe KTV – (太和KTV)

AddressNo.168,Fengwu Road of Fengqing



Jiaheng  Hotel KTV(嘉恒大酒店-KTV包房)

Address2nd floor in Jiaheng  Hotel on Dianhong Road of Fengqing



Taihe Entertainment venue(太和娱乐会所)

AddressDianhong Road of Fengqing

Tel: 0883-4293777


2The fantastic Yunnan ethnic folk dance is also one of the most wonderful nightlife activities for you to take part in Fengqing. Among all the dances there, Square Dance is the most popular one, in addition to Dage(打歌) is also an unique nightlife activities .


3Generally speaking ,Fengqing as the “Tea town” there are special cultural activities about tea all the year round, including Tea Art festivals(茶文化艺术节), photography exhibitions and so on.


4Experience the Dianhong  Black Tea Culture

Dianhong Black Tea is only can be found in Fengqing, Yunnan.So experience the Dianhong Black Tea culture is a unique activity can be arranged in Fengqing ,Yunnan tour. The mysterious tea culture in Yunnan will make yourChina tour  memorable.
If you want to know more about Puer Tea, why not jcome Fengqing  immediately?



5 Singht and landmarks


Fengshan Park, Fengqing(凤山公园)

Address: Near the China Southern Power Grid power company of  Fengqing

Sever time: 08:00-17:00




Fengqing Confucian Temple(凤庆文庙)

Address: Wenmiao Street west of Fengqing town

Sever time: 09:00-17:00




Shidong Temple(石洞寺)

Address: Qiantou villagein  east of Fengqing



6)Where to eat

The main recommendation Snack Street is the Central Garden of Fengqingi where regular snacks local snacks can be found, all kinds of barbecue, cold chicken feet, Babajuan roll, barbecue tofu, noodle Ersi ,fried rice, rice casserole. Along the tLongquan Road you can also find in a variety of restaurants, ice cream shops and so on.


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