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Fengqing History

Fengqing County (凤庆县) is located in Lincang City,Yunnan, China. During the Ming Dynasty it was a frontier known as Shunning Prefecture. Fengqing produces the black tea and Puer tea. Dianhong tea is a type of relatively high end gourmet Chinese black tea sometimes used in various tea blends and grown in Yunnan Province, China. The main difference between Dianhong and other Chinese black teas is the amount of fine leaf buds, or "golden tips," present in the dried tea. Fermented with lychee, rose and longan, Dianhong teas produces a brew that is brassy golden orange in colour with a sweet, gentle aroma and no astringency. Cheaper varieties of Dianhong produce a darker brownish brew that can be very bitter.

It is the ancient Po pretty place, which also named as Pullman. Human beings began living here as early as the Warring States period. The people who living here the earliest are called Pu, and they are the ancestry of today’s  Blang, and Wa nationality. Then Dai , Yi, Bai, Hui, Miao, Lisu, Lahu  began to immigrant Fengqing.

According to historical records, Pu people have been involved the War to send a punitive expedition against  Wu King in Chinese history in Mengjin. Tang Dynasty Fengqing vested in Yao, Song  Dynasty Y return to Yongchang. Tianshun  year (1328),Fenging set Tongzhou Shun Ning Fu and, Qingdian County. Wanli 26 years (1598), changed the Flow Bureaucracy, named Shun Ning Mansion.T hirty-five years of Emperor Qianlong period(1770), set Shunning County. On 18 th , abolished the Road of Department, and under the government of Yunnan Province. On February 22,1950 Shunning County People's Government set up. March, 1953 belong to Dali area. August 26, 1954 was renamed Fengqing.


There are many historical figures in history of Fengqing they left epic performance and outstanding contribution for Fengqing ,such as Gongy i(龚彝)、Zhao Youxin(赵又新)、Luo Jinan (罗稷南)、Luo Weiheng(罗为恒)、Luo Xiaochi (罗筱池)、Feng Shaoqiu(冯绍裘)and so on.

Gongyi(龚彝),the word of him is Hemei, his original family home is Shandong province. His progenitor moved in Dian and settled down north of Shunning City in Ming Hongwu year.During Nine year of Yongli period, Gongyi returned to Yunnan with Yongli emperor. In order to against Qing dynasty for long time , Gong arrived at Yongchang county, Shunning county, Jingdong county to called –up military and collected provision personally. Twelve year of Yongli period ,Qing army attacked Yunnan and Yongli emperor retreated to west of Yunnan. Gong run to Tengchong when heard the news, however, Yongli emperor has escaped to Burma.Next year, when he get the news about Yongli emperor he aroused the people to anti-Qing. Finally Yongli emperor has been arrested by Qing arms ,he still asked to see Yongli emperor. He was so loyal to his emperor that Yunnan people remember him forever.


Zhao Youxin(赵又新)(1881~1920),the old name was Yuanxiang, the word was Fengyi,His progenitor moved in Dian from Nanjing and settled down in Lushi old town. His father, Zhao Dezhou moved to Fengqing town from Lushi town. Zhao Youxin was clever and has gift to learn when he was young. Thrity year of Zhixu(1904),Zhao Youxin with Gu Pinzhen(顾品珍)、Tang Jiyao(唐继尧)、Yeji(叶基) 、Li Genyuan (李根源)and other students went to Japan for study. He set an example to join the Ally that originated by Sun Zhongshan in Tokyo.


Luo Jinan (罗稷南),the old name was Chen Qianghua, Luo Jinan born in the Shunning county. His family was love knowledge and he had gift to learn since young. He graduated from Beijing University, acted as the headmaster of Xiamen University. Then he gave up work and join the war. Once present public government to conclude and sign the agreement of anti-Japanin Jiangxi, and received reception by Mzo Zedong.


 Luo Weiheng(罗为恒),his hometown is Fenqing county. Worked as profession at Yunnan University,  In 1937 got to Tianjing worked as profession of  Beiyang engineering college. Before the Chinese July 7 incident of 1937,he returned to Kunming and employed as hief engineer of Yiping Salt plant.曾After that he started his business in Burma. He occupied the Chairman of Oversea Association and the member of Yunnan Peoples political Consultative Conference after the Peoples Republic of China was founded. In 1958, build the first hydroelectric station in Luodang Town of Fengqing county.


 Luo Xiaochi (罗筱池),Yi people, born in Fengshan town of Fengqing. His father was one of the calligraphers of Yunnan in Qing dynasty . Luo Xiaoch began to learned Confucian classics and history. He got the title Xiucai when he was 20 year old and he was good at poetry.1905, he graduated from Agricultural University of Yunnan, he worked as the headmaster of Mengzi High School and the secretary. In 1933 acted as the head of Yanjin county. In 1945 returned to Shunning county as deputy sector chief of commissariat. February ,1950 the peoples government of Shunning found Luo Xiaoch moved to Qingshu villege.

 Feng Shaoqiu(冯绍裘)(1900—1987),the father of Dianhong black tea and the first factory director of Fengqing Tea factory. 1945 the war of Pacific broken down,Tengchong 、Longling lost control.He returned b his hometown-Hunan.1981,China Tea published the“Dianhong ”brief history written by Feng Shaoqiu . Dianhong created by Feng Shaoqiu has became a famous tea in Chinese tea history.

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