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Shuangjiang History

The Western Han Dynasty (206 BC to 25 BC), for Yizhou County Ailao.

The Eastern Han Dynasty to the Sui Dynasty (AD 25 to 618 years), for Yongchang County Fujian Pu department.

Tang Zhaonan marsh period (AD 618 to 960 years), Yongchang District Pu pretty department.

The Song Dynasty Dali country The period (AD 960 to 1279), Yongchang Prefecture Mandi po.

During the Yuan Dynasty (1279 - 1368), Yunnan province and stick under the jurisdiction of the appellation "Pu man" and "black Luo Department".

During the Ming Dynasty, Hongwu eighteen years (AD 1385, Dai Li 747 years), Lu Chuan Ping Burma (Meng Mao) can be directly thought Lunfa troops captured more than ten million, Jingdong (Meng Valley), the forces of the south, along with part of the Dai people crossing the valley Mengla South River ( Lancang River ), like looking into the south, on the East Bank of the river, called the local inhabitants to establish independent Emirates leader Meng Yun Yang (from Heron city).   Yongle eleven years (AD 1413) Si Renfa hit the post, a large number of troops captured the gold, Mengding chisel, "to his father lost his complex".

Yongle fourteen years (AD 1416, Dai Li 778 years), part of the soldiers and the Dai people Meng Mao (Rui Li), the mubang Du Cha Jiang Meng, miles by hum, too Meng withdraw into the Mengku settlement, then along the river with water buffalo in the south to find, in the South West of the river Meng, Meng Jing Zhuang (three built brick city).

Chenghua Eight years (AD 1472, Dai Tani Toshi, 834 years) with the Gengma rare hair to toast, something from two sides, Meng Yun and Yang Meng conquer Jing Zhuang, toast by both parties, the Meng valley will give Gengma the village governance, by the Gengma pumping five male and five female immigrants, the establishment of a unified Mengla Mengla (Emirates leader tuguan), and the Gengma Valley to the South "Meng River ( Lancang River A monument for large mussels) crossing the boundary". Since Gengma is under the jurisdiction of toast.

Wanli twenty-seven years (AD 1599) "Mengla Mengla tuguan is granted in the same year for inspection", "Abraham from competing suppression active grant patrol in p.". As the official Mengla Mengla tuguan (toast) to inspection.
The Qing Dynasty, Kangxi fifty-four years (AD 1715), Mengla Mengla "Rosie surrender Gong like, still give the job, to remember at the bell, even the very edge of outland".

Qian Long In March twenty-nine Xin Wei (April 20, 1764 AD), Chancellor of the exchequer etc. on complex "Li Yongchang Meng, Meng Meng two toast, also sit near Shun Ning, transfer shun ning".

The first year of Xianfeng (1851 AD), "Tu Chao fold forte, east to the Lancang River in ninety, South to LA and Jiang (black river) in ninety-five, West San (Mengsheng) class one hundred, class of South to North (Tianshengqiao) one hundred in dry". In the implementation of six ring (designated toast and Ba Jing, equivalent to the township level), law circle, law circle method, Mengku Sea mussel, law circle, circle circle, Fu law circle wax method. Law circle under the jurisdiction of the nineteen circle (the equivalent of the village level), Fu, circle, circle circle, circle, circle Meng Xiao La Mindanao, circle, circle, circle control Mao clams, circle, circle, circle to sea island, circle circle, Co, Kazakhstan, circle circle Gang, circle angle, public get trapped circle circle to the south, the state carried, Mengku ring.  

Guang Xu In February fourteen (1888 March), the South (later changed the Pu'er Tea Road) near the town of Zhili hall, mark MUALLAF (bailuo Montenegro) belonging to, located on the busy waxy MUALLAF inspection, under the East, South, West, North Gate Tun four.

Guangxu twenty-nine years (AD 1903), dial six to just Mengla Mengla Tusi enclosure hall, change the angle of Mengku, get trapped, public, help Co, four tiers, Damenglong e six village, four strokes that match the Camp Hill patrol.

In June thirty years Guangxu (1904 ad August), in the post Cultural Revolution to toast, Mengla Mengla tuguan dam in nine to circle on the dam, in the dam, under the dam three tun. Is just four paishan inspection department.

The period of the Republic of China, in the first year (1912 AD), just changed the County Hall, four hill county junior office in that race is divided into six tiers of the camp, and three Tun Tun Mengla Mengla town changed to thirteen packages. In two years (1913), near the town of Zhili hall changed Lancang County Change of heart, a county with corruption, instead of four as the four group of Tun Bao zhen. In seventeen years (1928 February), January Pu'er Tea road marked MUALLAF, four tiers (including Mengla Mengla) analysis of the Xinxian County, in the Lancang River in the East Xiaoheijiang river longitudinal, transverse to the southeast corner of two rivers as far as South, meeting for the class, called shuangjiang. The County Department in Mengla Mengla, divided into five, Mengla Mengla for central, state association to the South West, north to the north northeast of Mengku, two doors for the east. In twenty years (1931) in Southeast and northwest region is one or two, three or four, five, forty under the jurisdiction of the township (town of Meng Meng Town, town, the town of Mengku race; thirty-seven townships), to 1939, under the Baoshan area. County Department of winter in summer season in the Meng Meng, ying. In twenty-nine years (1940) to the district located in Shuangjiang County township of Bao Jia; set Yunshan, victory, Renaissance, Wen Xiang four townships; two towns, villages and towns under the Mengku Yongding; sixty, five hundred and forty-nine a. From 1947 to 1949 Just. 


After the people's Republic of China, November 23, 1950, the liberation of Shuangjiang County territory. In December 3rd, Shuangjiang County People's government established, belonging to the Baoshan area. In 1951, county people's Government in the camp, set up two District Taiping, Mengku (also known as the one or two district), thirty-nine under the jurisdiction of the township.

In 1952 the new area is just. With the end of the year, classified area just Shuangjiang County (later changed under the jurisdiction of Lincang area). County People's government moved to Meng meng.

Meng Meng added in 1953 three, the addition of a township, a total of forty township.By the end of 1958, Shuangjiang County and Lincang county with the county in 1959 October, the two, recovery of Shuangjiang County system, set up three, Taiping, Mengku Meng Meng Association, forty male, two hundred and thirty-five production teams. 


In 1961, planning to change the four district, a District Taiping District two district three, Mengku, Meng Meng, Nan Lang four district, fifty under the jurisdiction of the township.

In 1966, additional units at the level of busy waxy film. A total of fifty-one townships in Shuangjiang county.

In 1969, a district called Yong Ge commune, the two district was renamed Hongwei commune, district three was renamed Weidong commune, district four was renamed the Yong Zhong commune, busy waxy tablets renamed Yonghong commune. In 1972, the creation of the Shahe commune, he six commune. The commune was renamed Hongwei Mengku commune, the commune was renamed Weidong Meng Meng Yonghong commune, the commune was renamed busy waxy commune, the commune was renamed Yong Zhong Lang Nan commune. Shuangjiang County has a total of seventy-seven brigade.

In 1984, a district building township, Chengguan town in Chengguan District foundation for the people's commune brigade, renamed the District, a district office; under the jurisdiction of Chengguan town of Shuangjiang County, Meng Meng, six, Shahe, new library, busy, big, waxy State C seven district town. The production team changed the township, a total of seventy-one Township, a township town, the establishment of the Township People's government.

June 11, 1985, approved by the State Council and pin Shuangjiang County Brown, the establishment of Dai Nationality Autonomous County Shuangjiang Lahu, Va.

In December 30, 1985, Lahu Brown and Wa nationality Shuangjiang Dai Autonomous County People's government set up. The jurisdiction of the seven District of a town. Seventy-one Township, a township town. In the state-owned state-operated farm Shuangjiang, Mengku overseas Chinese farm. Autonomous County People's Government Meng Meng Zhen .

In 1988 February, to build the rural evacuation zone, Chengguan town and district merged with Mengla Mengla Mengla Mengla Town, Wuxiang town Shuangjiang County is zoned for two. 74 the village hall (Office)

In 2000 August, the village reform, village hall, was renamed the village committee office.

In 2002 December, Mengla Town, village community is the establishment of public community, Shahe Xiang A Yin Dian community. Wuxiang town Shuangjiang County jurisdiction two, 72 villages, 3 community.


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