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Gejiu City Culture


The populace in Gejiu county is primarily Han Chinese, however minorities such as the Muslim Hui, Dai from the nearby Red River valley, and Hani from the surrounding mountains are also present.The Hani and Yi, the creators of the monumental rice terraced mountains which have made Yuanyang famous, are the original inhabitants of these regions. Both their languages belong to the Tibeto-Burman group. Their villages can mainly be found between 1300 to 1600 metres above sea level.Gejiu is known by people around the world because of its ethnic festivals.Like Gejiu cigarette Dance, "Celebration", Shou Gai Deer Night", Mawlid, Caiuashan, Guanmen section


1,Hui Muslim culture回族与穆斯林文化

Yi Zhenfang – China's largest Hui culture Museum伊珍坊——中国最大的回族文化艺术馆

Red River Yi Zhen Fang, cultural industries, Ltd, is located in the Townshipof Hui   nationality in China--Sha meadow, covers an area of 4000 square meters, has gathered the best cultural and artistic talents of Hui   nationality in China, integration of Chinese traditional culture and Islamic culture, pioneered a variety of Muslim cultural and art products, to showthe Hui culture and art at home and abroad. Now it has the Islamic features ofjade, jewelry, silver, porcelain, pewter, tea, cloisonne, lacquer threadsculpture, precious paintings, gold enamel painting, calligraphy, painting,photography and other more than more than 10 categories, hundreds ofproducts, start is the first, largest and most complete product range of Hui nationality's culture Gallery

“守盖德尔夜”Shou Gai Deer   Night"

Muslim Eid(开斋节), Iftar days   after the end of Ramadan. Due to the use of the Hijra calendar is not easy,   in the Gejiugeneral is the use of Chinese Lunar New Year to determine the   time of fasting and Eid time. Festival early in the morning, people have   dressed in costumes, wearing a white hat, brought together to celebrate   inside the mosque, imam listen to the Scriptures, and access to congratulate   each other, give each other homemade "oil incense" and other gifts.   GejiuHui also celebrate the "twenty-eight", that is, when the first   28 days after the Ramadan fasting eating tiger, to the mosque to pray,   chanting, praise St., night without a break, also known as or "keep   twenty-eight."(守二十八)



2,   Dai and Buddhist culture傣族与佛教文化

Dai universal religion Theravada Buddhism for the South(南传上座部佛教). Architecture   of theDai nationality is stilted bamboo houses. Dai   nationality's taboo into thetemple to take off her socks, avoiding above the fireplace across from hishome, avoid touching the young monk's head, avoid chop "tree". Songkran isthe traditional festival of the Dai. Holiday morning, young men and womenpicking up the mountain made of mountain flowers and tree branchesgreenhouse, along with offerings to the Buddhist temple, and sand Tower 35in Temple Park, Spire SIDE SEAM, surrounding towers sitting Buddharecitation, I wish the good weather, the grain was intended. Noon take waterwhen bathing. Courtesy, young men and women to splashing outside the temple,a sign of blessing. Also hold Dragon, packet, kongming   lantern, and singingand dancing and other activities.

关门节Guanmen section

(ie Theravada Buddhism into Lent):(即小乘佛教的进斋节):Not conducted in twenty-farming activities later, everyone cleaned   the courtyard, starched clothes covered, sewing clothes. The 29th to late   thirty days, daytime butcher, Zhaizhong friends help each other, after   scraping a good Zhumao their home, the owner does not entertain.


3,The Hani   nationality and tea culture哈尼族与茶文化

"Noble"诺博 is dedicated auspicious, Haney began tea known as "noble", itssociety and culture has gone far beyond the "tea" itself. Circle of Yunnantea person, noble Hani culture, known as the cradle of Yunnan tea culture.

For thousands of years, Hani in South glutinous rice planted tea, tea, tea,tea and tea making, creating a wealth of tea culture of Hani


Only on 24 June the Torch is the main festival of the nation, formerly known as the "celebration", said Luo Luo especially if the most attention. Torch is a legend: the gods and the world to send a Hercules Hercules contest. Hercules to win world, God was furious, sent pests to damage crops, ignition to burn people pests, to keep the crops. Festivals, wealthy people want to get rid of cattle Please married aunt and daughter family reunion. During the day, adult men to sacrifice field commons mother, cattle children to "sacrifice shan", whom the family prepare chicken, side dishes for offerings. Night "hit the torch", first by parents lit a torch, in the house outside and smoked livestock stables eleven times, and then the whole family in May Dragon Boat tied in the feet "100 cord" Cut burnt. After that, let the teenagers on fire to vegetable garden, orchards and fields in the walk again. Parents also hand door Fang, foot threshold, the whole family's name descending called again, saying "Soul."



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