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Gejiu City Shopping

1,个旧锡工艺品, old tin crafts

There are wine, tea, tableware, trophies and all kinds of ornaments, art appreciation products. Through art, craft technicians carefully crafted design, these crafts handsome in appearance, generous and elegant, bright color, exquisitely carved, long home as new. They or symmetry, or standing, or rounded, or Doufang, some also carved landscapes, flowers and birds and ethnic patterns, with different forms of beauty. Both refined tin crafts art to share, but also elegant, full of national characteristics of daily necessities, a very valuable collection. Its Chaguan, strip paperback tea, make tea for 10 years is not bad, with a sake cup wine flagon filled summer cool and refreshing, rapid thermal winter warm wine, sweet taste. And because with acid and alkali, non-toxic, stainless steel, corrosion and other characteristics of the famous products are sold throughout the country, exported to Japan, Germany, UK, USA, Switzerland, more than 30 countries and regions.




At first glance the northern gate of the old city of Austin, the historic planting citrus varieties are Nan incense, Penggan, white orange, clear bacteria, several varieties taste better. Planting area of 3,000 acres this year, the number of supply about 8,000 tons, the products are exported to Kunming, Dali, Qujing, Vietnam and other places favored by consumers.



3,大草乌 Aconitum

 It Is head of the genus Ranunculus Kewu vine, wild in the hillside grass or woodland, autumn excavation. Great Aconitum contains aconitine, aconine, Aconitum alkaloid, which aconitine most drugs, the pharmaceutical industry is currently extracted substance Aconitum potassium, used to make injections, tablets and other treatment of cardiovascular and a variety of diseases. Function has anti-inflammatory, eliminate pain, anesthesia, cardiac, rheumatism, cold bleeding. Indications: head wind pain, migraine, traumatic injury. Yunnan Baiyao is one of the main raw materials and other valuable proprietary Chinese medicines. Winter cooking, with enhanced strength, disease prevention efficacy



4沙甸干巴咯sardines slightly kanbar

Youlin Thelephora, incense Youlin ducks, geese,, special incense local beef and other professional production and processing

Registered address Gejiu City of Yunnan Honghe Chicken Street overpass next business manager Ma Yingchun ZIP code 087313577301915 661400 Phone



5乳腐 Rufu

Soy products, also known as bean curd. Red yeast system for red Rufu, alcohol made into wine Rufu, brine system is smelly fermented bean curd.

Chinese medicine: Rufu of sweet flat, with stomach tune in effect. Disease, illness, spleen and stomach, food is not satisfied pilgrims to Rufu Zuo food, there are appetizers Xingpi make an early resumption of the digestive function.



6,凤爪chicken legs

The efficacy and role of chicken

. Quzhi Buck

Chicken can soften and protect the blood vessels, lowering blood lipids and cholesterol in the human body effects.

Beauty care

Chicken enhance skin tone, eliminate wrinkles effect.

Rich in copper

Chicken is also rich in copper, for blood, central nervous system and the immune system, hair, skin and bone tissue as well as the brain and liver, heart and other organs of the development and function has an important influence.



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