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Gejiu City Restaurants

1,个旧八宝餐厅Gejiu Babao  restaurant

Gejiu, delicious clean and healthy, genuine, real materials

Nearly every day the soup are a large number of farmers with large bone calcium chicken and boiled secret! Delicious. ʱ?? ʱ?? In addition your store lo, it is also worth tasting barbecue!

Tel: 13508736736

Address: near Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province Mile Road City Red smoke




2,美美餐厅Meimei Restaurant

Braised lamb stewed radish, raw materials: "Xilin Dongsu" mutton pieces, white radish, red dates, ginger, scallion stalk, chili, anise, garlic, cumin, bay leaves, cinnamon, sugar, orange peel, cooking wine, soy sauce, Gejiu pumping.

Tel: 15911889177

Address: near the Gejiu city of Yunnan Honghe chicken highway




3,红河饭店Hoghe  Restaurant

Spicy Chicken is a classic traditional Ming Yao Han, karma in Chongqing Geleshan named. This dish into the dish shiny reddish brown color, texture melted, spicy Sauvignon. Salty mellow, slightly sweet.

Address: Gejiu City, Yunnan Honghe near Highway 212




4,清真餐厅Halal Restaurant

Grilled beef is a classic Shandong, Jinan halal restaurant dishes Jule floor, reportedly dating back nearly a hundred years of history, but also a common dish around the halal restaurant. Let's take a spoon grilled outside, raw material put into a certain pattern, add soup, steamed cage carried on spices, finally came out, the soup boil, thicken pour in the dish and serve.

Address: near the intersection of Yunnan Honghe Gejiu City 326 National Road and the Muslim Street




5,东方餐厅Oriental Restaurant

Secret broth, can be used after boil; tasty mellow, the table can enjoy delicious, drink pure lamb soup;

Charcoal as raw material, to increase the original sheep pot charcoal aroma; all the sensory stimulation spicy pot of strong and distinctive aftertaste activated diners.

Address: Yunnan Honghe State Road 326 near the Gejiu city




6,陈石酒楼Chenshi Restaurant

Scallions lamb (Sautéed Lamb Slices with Scallion) Beijing dishes, halal food. There yang conditioning, Zhuangyaojianshen conditioning tonic cultivation conditioning effect. Lamb tender, delicious smell of mutton, Wang oil juice after eating food for thought. The dishes slightly onion flavor.

Address: Yunnan Honghe new No. 85 Crown Road Gejiu

Cuisine: Gourmet - Yunnan



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