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Jianshui County Shopping

1. The purple pottery in Jianshui 建水紫陶
Being one of the four famous pottery in China, purple pottery in Jianshui has a long history with profound cultural connotation and unique production process. 
Jianshui purple pottery is smooth and clean in surface, high hardness, no distortion, and heavy in voice. In 2010 world Expo, 13 suites Jianshui purple pottery with theme of "Colorful Yunnan, harmonious urban and rural" was the main components of exhibitions in Yunnan hall to present the unique ethnic culture, beautiful natural scenery and harmonious development of urban and rural in Yunnan. 


2. Bird’s Nest in Swallow Cave(Yan Wo ) 燕窝
Bird’s Nest, Yan Wo in Chinese, is one of the rare traditional valuable food in China, formed by swallow’s saliva and plumule coagulation. The shape looks like a wing. Bird’s Nest is mainly produced from south China and other counties in Southeast Asia. According to their collecting time, Yan Wo is divided into three kinds: Bai Yan, Mao Yan and Xue Yan. 
Yan Wo in Jianshui is collecting in Spring and Summer. Yan Wo is so rare that the price is expensive. 


3, Boiler汽锅

Boilers, are Jianshui county unique cooking utensils. Flat round, lion ears, bottom middle of a conical steam pipe for by the injection of steam to the pot. External decoration with flowers and calligraphy, antique, elegant and chic. They were placed when cooking chicken, fish, meat, no water, placed on a water steamer, with a tissue dampened with water to seal the gap junction lid. the meat Cooked by it can be tasted sweet and tender beauty, juice soup, unique flavor. For the first batch of national validation tourism products, by the light of a certificate of quality products, exported to Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, the United States and Southeast Asia. "Tianqi Qi Guoji"田七汽锅鸡,a kind of traditional nourishing food, is included in the "Chinese name cookbook《中国名菜谱》" end state banquet.


 4, Bird's nest cakes燕窝酥

Bird's nest cakes, choice of specialty Swallow's nest as an ingredient, and to fine flour, honey, lard or vegetable oil and other local fried pastry made of bird's nest shape. Layered crisp, sweet and delicious, unique flavor. 1988 by the Beijing First China Food Expo Bronze, 1990 by the Beijing Chinese Women and Children Products Expo Bronze four decades, in 1995 by the Wuhan First China International Food Exposition. 

 5, Lion cake狮子糕

Lion cake, was originally built in the Qing Dynasty  Jianshui old pastry shop "Wing Hong Chai," the well-known products. The finest glutinous rice as raw material, the process is complicated, making fine. Section has a loose hole, taste crisp, fragrant and delicious, high-quality products in Yunnan Province. 1990 and bird's nest cakes with eligible Beijing China Women and Children Products Expo Bronze 40 years.


 6, Rice香米

One rice varieties, also known as fragrant rice. Aromatic long history of cultivation in Jianshui county, especially old Guanting官厅, Potou坡头, Lee Village 李浩寨and other towns planted to red老来红, mountain cedar seeds山柏籽, twine meters most excellent. Bright color, Cephalostachyum delicious, rice lubrication, soft but not bad. Distributed rich flavor when cooking, is the staple food in the rare treasures. Cooking face rice Baba,it can also be brewed porridge incense Valley wine香谷酒.


7, Preserved tomatoes西红柿果脯 

Tomatoes produced in the town of Jianshui Qujiang town建水县曲江镇. Natural tomato color and sweet and sour taste is characterized by the Department of green health food. 1993 passed the provincial appraisal, as a key new product development projects in Yunnan Province, in 1995 by the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China "on machine health permits" and a civil aviation designated food. 1996 won the Beijing Second China Agricultural Fair bronze.



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