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  1. Luxi City in Dehong

Luxi has this name for it is located in the west of NuJiang-Salween River.

This is the capital of Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, a place of mysterious Buddhist temples and gold pagodas, home of the peacock and " sea of songs and dances ", a pearl on Yunnan's western border, the Kunming - Wanding road, more familiarly known to most people, especially Americans of World War II vintage, as the Burma road, connects Kunming with Burma. It is the only route you have to take to Ruili, Wanding and into Myanmar. Mangshi is 763 kilometers from Kunming, you can go there by either bus or plane.

"Meng Banaxi" is a Bali word for "paradise" or "the Buddhist Pure Land" with a Dai explanation "a wonderful place". Luxi in ancient times was called "a country on elephant back in Yunnan and Vietnam", with a total area of 2892.72 sq kms. In 2005, the total population was about 350 thousand people.

Its topography is characterized by: "80 percent mountainous, 20 percent plain, a river flows in between three mountains, and two basins." It is what we call a basin—a plain between mountains; Central Basin is blocked by the Santaishan mountains, forming 2 basins called Mangshi and Zhefang. The topography is characterized by higher mountains in the Northeast, lower slopes in the Southwest. Mangshi River flows into Longjiang at this tilt.

Mangshi is where Luxi City government is located. As the legend goes, Buddha Sakyamuni came on Missionaries to Dehong. When he arrived in Mangshi, it was barely dawn and he named it "Meng Huan", which means "Dawn City" or "Cock Singing City."

It was called "Mang Shi"£¨Ã£Ê©£© in Tang, and Song Dynasties, and abbreviated to "Mangshi"£¨Ã¢ÊУ© in Qing Dynasty. It is a typical Southern subtropical city. Before liberation, Mangshi gave old people an impression of "a shouting heard in all directions, a city lit by a lamp". After the founding of the PRC, Mangshi gradually began to take shape as a new border town well equipped with facilities of economy, culture, sports, healthcare, and complete scientific research institutions, and even with good communication access of highways and an airport.

Mangshi city is the political, cultural, and economic center of Dehong with an area of 17 square kilometers presently. There are 105,000 residents. Row upon row of high-rise buildings, clean streets, weaving green trees, prosperous markets, beautiful scenery and charming lifestyles of locals make up a gorgeous picture.

Particularly, the unique Jackfruit Tree Street, the Palm Tree Street, the Oil Palm Street, the Longyan Tree Street, the Banyan Tree Street all display a charming tropical scenery. Numerous scenic spots and historical sites are in the city, mainly the Meng Huan Large Urn, Tower Packed Tree, Puti Temple, Wu-yun Temple, Fuo-guang Temple of Hinayana Buddhism, and the Sino-Burmese Friendship trees, Meng Banaxi Rare Park, Anti-Japanese War Monument in West Yunnan and the Peacock Lake.

There are Guolangwang Ruins, Fengping Buddhist Pagoda, Fapa Hot Spring. In addition, 30 kilometers away from Mengshi, the Mengga Temple of Godess of Mercy and the Three Immortal Cave are such precious treasures. And the Three Immortal Cave is a rare lime cave in western Yunnan, and even comparable in beauty to Ludi Cave of Guilin and and A-lugudong in Luxi County.

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