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  1. Mengba-Naxi-Rare-Park-Mangshi

Located in the southern section of Qingnian Road of Mangshi city, Mengba Naxi Rare Park consists of the front yard and backyard, covering a total area of 618 mu. The park was newly built in 1986. In the north of the parking-lot at the main entrance there stands the White Dragon Pavilion——a sign or booth for the Water-splashing Festival in Dai tales; in the south, there stands a logo of the Munao Zongge Festival of Jingpo people. The main gate is a majestic, resplendent style building, with a gourd-shaped doorway, and triangular spire-shape roofs, which carries strong ethnic characteristics.

Oil palm trees grow thick in the forecourt, and there is a "Memorial Pavilion of Premier Zhou Enlai" with a well-shaped base surrounded by marble railings; the 27 meters high pavilion has layers of roofs; the 28 mosaic looking golden Peacocks contrast to the glazed tiles; Premier Zhou Enlai's portrait carved into the white marble is on the mosaic of black inscription of obverse column in the pavilion. On three other sides, the text banners were carved in Chinese, Dai, and Jingpo Language, reading as follows:

In December of 1956, during a visit abroad, Premier Zhou and Deputy Prime Minister He Long, together with the Prime Minister of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and his party, arrived in Mangshi City for inspections and hosting an organized assembly to celebrate the friendship between bordering people of two countries.

Premier Zhou called on a cordial meeting with the leading cadres and representatives of all nationalities from Dehong, and gave some instructions about strengthening national unity, and making efforts to improve the border economy in the cause of building socialism. This Pavilion was built in memory of Premier Zhou Enlai by all nationalities of Dehong. Behind the Pavilion, there is a bamboo forest. The beautiful playing of flute and percussion bursting in the Fernleaf Hedge Bamboo Forest together, demonstrating customs of Dai villages and presenting wonderful singing and dancing of Dehong minorities.

The Backyard has "Bamboo Garden", " Osmanthus Garden," "Triangle Plum Garden", "Lagerstroemia Garden", "Banyan Park," "Bonsai Garden," "Wood Fossil Corridor" and other components. Forests are ever green, with bamboo whirling slender shapes, flowers blossoming splendor, and birds singing sweet. Walking in Rare Park, colorful and sweet triangle plum flowers come to eyes, leaving you lost in a flower display; the jade-boned Lagerstroemia hints spectators the clouds and alpenglow of a beautiful summer. A rich and diverse group of banyan trees, now that, deep-rooted, you seems to burst into the tropical rainforest in Brazil; a vibrant Cyatheaceae (tree fern), led you to return to the dinosaur era; A group of more than 100 years old rattle stick trees, bring you to a view of the South American desert; A group of egg seguinii, white flower blossoming and giving out strong fragrant scent, so that you seem to roam in a king dragon palace underwater; a group of ancient vigorous, sweet orange osmanthus, makes you feel as if drunk in the Moon Palace……rare osmanthus trees and rare yellow poplar trees over 1000 years old, and ancient Lagerstroemia constantly feasting your eyes, and inspiring your spirits.

Even takes the cake is: erected on both sides of tour road and crossed them is more than 200 tree fossils of different sizes and shapes. Jade looking tree fossils and rocks, water stones, corallodiscus, and carved roots……all displayed like a fine fair or just like an amazingly wonderful magical world.

Mengba Naxi Rare Park holds four of best records among all parks of China: 1, the biggest number as well as the oldest of rare trees of the country; 2, the highest survival rate of transplanted trees as well as the nation's biggest number of transplanted trees; 3, the best quality and largest collections of rocks, tree fossils and rare jade looking tree specifications; 4, the best and highest grade of the collections of the large-scale modeling carved roots.

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