We offer some rafting adventure to the Three Parallel Rivers(Jinsha-Yangtze River, Nujiang-Salween River, Lancang-Mekong River) in West China. The rafting tour along the upper Yangtze River is the most poplar adventure!The Yangtze River come down from Tibet, toward southeast, but when it get to Stone Drum, a beautiful little town in Lijiang, it suddenly take a U turn, toward the northeast, thus formed the famous First Bend of Yangtze. In this rafting trip, you will raft for 3 days down the Yangtze to the Stone Drum. In this part of the river, the water speed is 2.4meters/second during flood time(May to Oct.), and 1.6meters/second during dry season (Nov. to Apr.). The width of the river is over 100 meters, the narrow part is 45 meters.

  • $40

    1 Day the upper Yangtze River Rafting Tour


  • $0

    1 Day the Upper Yangtze River Kayak Adventure Tour

    Lijiang-Shigu-Jinsha River-Lijiang

  • $0

    2 Days the Upper Yangtze River Kayak Adventure and Tiger Leaping Gorge Tour

    Lijiang-Shigu-Yangtze River-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Lijiang

  • $0

    3 Days the First Bend of Yangtze River Rafting Tour

    Lijiang-Shigu Ancient Town-Tacheng Town-Shangjiang Village-Judian Town-the First...

  • $0

    6Days Nujiang Grand Canyon Rafting Tour


  • $769

    7Days the Upper YangtzeRiver Rafting Tour from Deqin to Lijiang


  • $0

    10 Days Yunnan Adventure with the Upper Yangtze River Rafting and Tiger Leaping ...

    Kunming-Lijiang-Tacheng-the upper Yangtze River-Shigu-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Shangr...

  • $0

    10 Days Yunnan Classic Tour with the upper Yangtze River Rafting Tour


  • $0

    11 Days the upper Lancang Mekong River Grand Canyon Rafting Tour


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