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Yunnan Security

Generally speaking,  China is a safe country to travel around, and most of people you meet are friendly, honest and trustworthy, however, their culture and living conditions are different from that of your home country,  so be alert.

Be aware that local laws and penalties, even those which may seem harsh by your home country standards, do apply to you.  For example, there are strictly enforced laws which prohibit demonstrations unless they have prior approval from the government.  Penalties for drug offences are severe, and include the death penalty, as do certain other serious crimes.

The rainy season occurs between March and April in southern and eastern China (eg Guilin , Suzhou , Hangzhou ), from June until August in the west (eg Yunnan Province and Tibet ), and between May and September for the areas near the Yangtse River (eg, Chongqing and Yichang ). During these times severe rainstorms can cause landslides in Shangrila and remote areas in Tibet which may interrupt essential services. Rural areas near the Yangtse River may be subject to flooding. Typhoons can occur during the wet season along the southern and eastern coasts. You should monitor weather reports if travelling in affected areas. If a natural disaster occurs you should follow the advice of the local authorities.

Be aware of pickpockets

Keep a lookout when standing in a queue to buy tickets

A. Carry no more money than you need to go to buy tickets. In case that your money is stolen by thieves, it would not cause you a lot of losses.

B. when booking tickets, don't show up your money for fear that it would attract the thieves.

C. In most cases, people who want to book tickets should stand in a line. But sometimes, some people jump the queue and the crowd becomes a mess. At this very moment, you should keep watch the people around you. Call the police as soon as you lose your belongs.

D. When standing in a line for booking tickets, don't talk with the ticket traders and do not buy their tickets.

E. Keep your ticket carefully when you get it in case your tickets were stolen by those ticket traders.

Take care when waiting for a bus

A. Try to find a place to have a seat and relax yourself. But generally speaking, the chance is quite slim for there are too many people. If you have to stand, keep your baggage within your view for fear that other people went off with it near at hand. If possible, wait in a teahouse which may cost you 5 to 10 Yuan. But it is comparatively safe. What's more, you can also have a seat and enjoy the TV program for a while.

B. Keep in mind that you never talk to strangers.

Keep a lookout when checking in

A. It will be crowded and chaotic when you are checking in. At this time, hold firmly your ticket and baggage as well as your belongings such as purse and cell phone.

B. Don't be in a hurry if you have a seat ticket when checking in. If you hurry up, you may find yourself a seat even though you have a standing-room-only ticket. But when you force your way into the train, you also have to take care of your personal belongings.

Keep watch on your journey

A. Put your baggage within your sight. Don't get out of the control of your baggage. Otherwise, somebody else may take your baggage before you realize it.

B. Don't talk to strangers. If you really want to relieve the boredom of the long journey, you may have a conversation with them. But you must always remember that never give them your telephone number (including the telephone number of your family and friends to prevent them from defrauding) and other private information.

C. Don't drink beverage and eat whatever given by strangers in case they added fan medicine to the food and drink. It doesn't mean that you should not trust others, but attempt to remind that you must always keep alert.

D. If the journey is not too long, do not sleep on the bus or in the ship to avoid theft; if the journey is very long, and you really want to have a rest or sleep, you'd better tell the traveler sitting next to you. But remember to tell several other travelers at the same time in order to keep from being hurt by him.

Watch out when purchasing in a market

Watch out in front of the display window

Be cautious in front of the showcase, especially in the crowded place, which is the place that thieves like the most. You'd better keep a distance from the crowd. If you really want to buy the commodity in that showcase, you should pay attention to the following advice:

A. If you are alone, and then check your expensive belongings such as purse and cell phone at the checking counter. Or you may put them in your handbag and place the bag to your chest in the front. Then you may force your way in the crowd and buy what you want.

B. If you are with two or more people, check your belongings for safety sake. If you are to thrust your way through the crowd, you'd better do what has been said above—put your belongings in place. And going to buy the commodity together with some others may be more reliable as well as much safer.

Keep a lookout in the clothes fitting room

When you settle on some clothes, you will often have a try in the fitting room. At this time, you have to be careful, because you have caught the thieves' fancy. You must follow the following advice:

A. If you are alone, when you come out of the fitting room to have a look in the mirror, you'd better take your bag and clothes with you so as not to give thieves any chance.

B. If you are with your friends, when you are trying the new clothes, ask your friends to take good care of your belongings. Please always remember that your belongings should not be put out of your sight.

Keep a lookout when roaming the market

When roaming around in the market, you should pay attention to the thieves who may follow you. Why? Because you may be attracted by the goods in the market, the thieves will start his work when you are absorbed. Then, he will steal your belongings by cutting off your bag or pulling open your zip fastener.

On a  bus

The thieves are inclined to steal when people get on or off the bus, because it is very crowded at this moment. Thus, we have to pay much attention to the following aspects:

A. When getting on a bus

Don't push like others. It is better to get on the bus a little later, for it is the best chance for the thieves in the crowded place.

B. On the bus

On the bus, thieves will carry out their work under the cover of some props, such as a coat over the arm, a piece of newspaper or a plastic bag, a big bag hanging on a woman's shoulder, scissors, spills and blades.

a. Generally speaking, thieves always get on the crowded buses. When someone push against you or stand close to you, you'd better take care, because you may have been prey of the thieves.

b. When you discover that someone else is stealing your belongings, keep cool and handle it calmly. Otherwise, the thieves may do you harm, as the saying goes, "A cornered dog will leap over a wall."

c. When you find a thief stealing from others, you can shout: "wo de qian bao bu jian le (My purse is gone)." In this way, the thief will stop immediately. You not only help others, but also protect yourself out of danger. You must remember that never stop the thief directly.

d. One point that everyone should keep in mind: when you are on a bus, please have your cell phone in your hand instead of putting in the bag or pocket. On some buses, the drivers as well as the conductors will remind the passengers of keeping cell phones in the hand, which is comparatively safe.

When having meal in the restaurants

When you are having your dinner, put your bag in place. Generally speaking, the attendants in the star hotel will remind you of that. However, you should always keep your bag within your sight.

When walking

When walking, you should pay attention to the following points:

A. Don't have your satchel slung over your shoulder at will. For it is easy for the thieves to rob your bag and hurt you. You should carry it over your shoulder. In that case, it is not easy to be robbed in a short while.

B. Girls carrying backpack should remember: no matter you are walking alone or with your friends, you should put your bag within your own control. It is better to put your bag in front of you to keep from theft.

When Sleeping

Please close your door and windows when you are sleeping.

When you meet an extraordinary situation, do keep calm and act according to circumstances. Once you find some abnormal cases, call the number of 110 for help.

Be alert of robbery

If you are robbed, calm down quickly, especially at the critical moment. Spend more time in trying to know the characteristics of the robbers or possible evidence, such as their height, figure, perplextion, appearance, accent, clothes and belongings. If possible, try to get some material object evidence of the robbers.

The robbery always happens suddenly to people before they realize it. The robbers are well prepared to rob their prey. In such cases, the victims are at a disadvantageous situation. It is sensible not to resist rudely.

When they robbers ask for money or something else, the wise victims should have a well judgment of the robbers quickly. When pretending to get the money, the victims may find a good opportunity to strike back against the robbers. Resistance must be made under full judgment of the robbers.

It is important to be aware of robbery to avoid it from happening to yourself. There are different ways to deal with various situations:

Improve and reinforce the basic countermeasures of your dwelling house. Build more obstacles on the way to entering the house, especially reinforce the doors. If you discover some suspicious person, call the police or send them to the police station.

Keep a distance with the people traveling along with you. Never let strangers know how much money you have. Don't accept the food offered by strangers.

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