Come on to join our remarkable China wildlife tours! Besides its many historical attractions and charms, China also enjoys the diversified wildlife reserves.We offer a superb choice of overnight nature & wildlife tours which are ideal for those travelers who love having a close touch with nature and wildlife.Giant Pandas are so lovely that attract a number of tourists to visit them, after the earthquake happened in 12th, May, 2008 in Sichuan Province, the people all over the world focus on those giant pandas life.We have designed several tour packages for you to visit giant pandas, you can have chance to be close to them and take care of them by yourself just like a keeping panda staff as a giant panda volunteer.

  • $0

    20Days Grand Yunnan Birdwatching Tour


  • $0

    19Days Western Yunnan and GaoliGongshan Mountain Birdwatching Tour


  • $0

    11Days Yunnnan Birdwatching Tour


  • $0

    1 Day Lashihai Lake Birds Tour and the Ancient Tea-Horse Road Horse Riding

    Lijiang-Lashihai Lake-Lijiang

  • $101

    1Day Lufeng World Dinosaur Valley Tour from Kunming


  • $222

    2Days Lufeng World Dinosaurs Valley and Yuanmou Earth Forest Tour


  • $161

    2Days Yunnan Wild Golden Snub-nosed Monkey Discovery

  • $0

    3 Days Lijiang Adventure to Wenhai Lake and Lashihai Lake


  • $679

    4Days Laojun Mountain National Park Trekking Tour and Yunnan Golden Snub-nosed M...

    Lijiang-Shigu-Laojun Mountain-Shigu-Lijiang

  • $40

    5 Days Kunming Chuxiong Tour with Lufeng World Dinosaurs Valley and Yuanmou Eart...


  • $683

    7 Days Yunnan Wild Golden Snub-nosed Monkey Exploration

    Lijiang-Tacheng-Shigu-Laojun Mountain-Liju-Shigu-Lijiang

  • $758

    7Days Baimang Snow Mountain Trekking Tour from the West to East

    Lijiang-Weixi-Yanmen-Baima Snow Mountain-Benzilan-Shangrila-Lijiang

  • $0

    7 Days Lijiang and Shangrila Discovery with Yunnan Wild Golden Snub-nosed Monkey...

    Lijiang-Shigu-Tacheng-Ninong-Shangrila-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Lijiang

  • $339

    8 Days Yunnan Snub-nosed Monkey Exploration and Trekking Tour from Tacheng to Ba...

    Lijiang-Tacheng-Baimang Snow Mountain-Benzilan-Shangrila-Lijiang

  • $0

    8Days GaoliGongshan Mountain Birding Tour


  • $0

    9 Days Shangri-La Circle Tour and Three Parallel Rivers Adventure Start from Sha...

    Shangrila - Feilaisi-Meili Snow Mountain-Cizhong-Weixi-Tacheng

  • $40

    10 Days West Yunnan Bird Watching Tour

    Kunming- Dali- Ruili

  • $0

    9Days Laowo Mountain (Biluo Snow Mountain) Trekking and Climbing Tour and Three ...

    Lijiang-Zhongpai-Laowo Mountain-Fugong-Gongshan-Bingzhongluo-Liuku

  • $40

    10Days Laojun Mountain National Park Trekking Tour and Yunnan Golden Snub-nosed ...

    Lijiang-99 Dragon Pools-Elonghaizi-Liju Village-Fengwu Villa-Qixian Lake-Jinsich...

  • $0

    10Days Wild Yunnan Black Snub-nosed Monkeys in Rhinopithecus Bieti Park for Wild...


  • $40

    11 Days Shangrila Baimang Snow Mountain Biological Exploration with Flowers and ...

    11 Days Shangrila Baimang Snow Mountain Biological Exploration with Flowers and ...

  • $0

    12 Days Three Parallel Rivers Circle Adventure with Tiger Leaping Gorge and Yube...

    Lijiang-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Shangrila-Feilaisi-Meili Snow Mountain-Yubeng-Cizhon...

  • $40

    13 Days Dulongjiang River Valley Trekking Tour


  • $0

    13 Days Yunnan Flowers Trip between May and June

    Kunming-Dali-Shaxi-Laojunshan-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Haba Village-Base Camp-Heihai-...

  • $40

    13 Days Yunnan GaoliGongshan Mountain Birding Tour

    Kunming-Dai -Baoshan-Gaoligongshan -Baihualing-Kunming

  • $40

    17 Days North and West Yunnan Birding Tour


  • $0

    20 Days Northwest Yunnan Flowers and Snub-nosed Monkey Photography Tour with Hab...

    Kunming-Dali-Lijiang-Laojunshan-Hutiaoxia-Haba Village-Shangrila-Baimang Xueshan...

  • $0

    23 Days Yunnan Trekking Tour to Discover Gaoli Gongshan Mountain Nature Reserve ...


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